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Flat Brim Hats

Americana at its best, the Stetson flat brim Western hat is a stylish choice for any adventure and every occasion.








The Rapture








The Rapture


JW Marshall


The Original Cowboy Hat

There’s a reason the Stetson name is synonymous with cowboy hats—John B. Stetson did it first and he did it right. The Boss of the Plains was a flat brim cowboy hat that John B. Stetson crafted by hand in 1865. This original hat was designed to be waterproof and durable to meet the demands of the cowboy’s work. Creating so much more than just a hat, this was the dawn of a new era—the genesis of the Western style that’s still so beloved today. While we offer a wide variety of traditional and contemporary designs, all of these flat brim hats are worthy tributes to the quintessential flat cowboy hat that started it all.

Timeless Style & Legendary Quality

These hats may be historical, but they remain as relevant and stylish today as they did over 150 years ago. From the great outdoors to the big city, a Stetson delivers a sharp look that instantly elevates virtually any outfit. Beyond their dashing good looks, Stetson headwear is crafted by hand using the finest materials, painstaking attention to detail, and the very same masterful techniques that made John B. Stetson’s hats an American icon right from the beginning.

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After browsing these flat brim hats, we encourage you to shop all of our hat collections to find the Stetson that chooses you. We proudly offer a vast range of Western hats, outdoor hats, fedoras, fashion hats, and caps to fit all tastes. Whether you’re seeking a rugged flat brim cowboy hat for everyday wear on the farm or a debonair fedora for nights on the town, your Stetson awaits. Take advantage of free ground shipping on orders $175+ in the contiguous U.S. Order your flat brim Western hat today and own a true slice of Americana.