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Deerskin Roper Glove - Unlined

Deerskin Roper Glove - Unlined

Saddle Tan
Saddle Tan

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Soft and lightweight, these leather gloves are made in America from high-quality deerskin, which is known for its eye-pleasing grain finish, abrasion resistance and ability to tolerate moisture. The roper style, originally designed for ranch hands, features an elastic back and square hem. Drum-dyed to a rich saddle tan, this model is unlined for additional grip and dexterity and is optimal for warm weather. Note that all of the leathers come from natural hides, each of which have their own patina and character that will continue to develop with use and wear.

  • Drum-Dyed
  • Elastic Back
  • Unlined
  • 100% 2.5-3.0 oz American Deerskin
  • Made In USA


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