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Off the Open Road by Nick Pacione

New arrival: The Dune 5X Gun Club Hat in Black.

Model: Zoe Champagne

‘Off the Open Road’

At the end of the open road lies a new one.. a path less paved where nothing’s for certain.
At the end of the open road, you replace what you know with what you’re learning.
Where there’s less signage and more pondering— less control and more feeling.

There are places just beyond the open road where few have wandered,
and fewer still have lingered.
Places just beyond the open road where our frontier is still expanding.

Where what you’ve seen and heard of slips into unknowing.
Where the trees sway in rhythm and the wind does its singing.
Where the sky’s always shifting, and some kind of balance— persisting.

Off the open road, man’s domain becomes nature’s.
A place where we can teach ourselves to slow down and listen.
Dark nights are darker, and brighter stars glisten.

Off the open road is the beginning of a new one… a path less paved where nothing is for certain.
Off the open road, you leave the world you left and become what you’re becoming.
Somewhere off the open road,
you find what you’ve been missing.

—??Nick Pacione

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